In hospitals, clinics and laboratories, cleanliness and privacy is always front of mind; and National Ceiling Systems has a range of products designed specifically for use in these spaces. Featuring washable surfaces, anti-mould ingredients and bright white finishes, these panels and suspension systems contribute to maximum efficiency in health areas, reducing bacteria growth and enabling easy cleaning and maintenance. From our versatile, innovative quick-release GT Ultimate Grid, to our highly anticipated Pinnacle Health tile (coming soon!); we offer are a wide variety of products for all types of medical ceilings. 

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Like metal pan, metal mesh tiles are ideal ceiling tiles for health and clinic ceilings as they are easy to clean, durable and efficient to install. Metal mesh adds an industrial feel with visibility to services above, and is simple to disassemble, improving efficiency of repair and maintenance work. Available in black and white, with additional Dulux and Interpon powder coating colours available upon request.


A bright white, smooth finish ceiling tile for medical ceilings – hospitals, laboratories or clinics. Features a durable washable surface, high humidity resistance and strong acoustic performance.

NRC 0.7
CAC 35


A durable, exposed steel ceiling grid ideal for use in medical ceilings, clinics, hospitals and labs. Available in 15mm and 24mm face widths, this system suits most NCS ceiling panels, accommodating both square and tegular edge details. Black and white are available as standard, with other colours available upon request.

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