GT Ultimate™ Grid

GT Ultimate is National Ceiling Systems’ signature ceiling tile suspension system. Versatile, robust and lightweight, this steel exposed grid system features a unique overlapping stainless steel cross-tee connection. This superior connection technology not only makes installation more efficient, but can be very simply dismantled for easy access to the ceiling plenum for repairs and maintenance of services, and replaced afterward with no damage to profiles.

Available in stock at our exclusive distributors in both black and white face finishes, and 15mm and 24mm face widths, this product can be adapted to suit any situation for a variety of spaces. Both 15 and 24mm systems can carry loads up to 12kg/m2 – this is enough to support any type of lay-in ceiling tile (explore the options here), and additionally a high density insulation (e.g. 32kg/m3) laid above, further improving acoustic performance in the space.


  • Offices and workplaces
  • Conference rooms
  • Hospitality areas
  • Classrooms or educational facilities
  • Retail areas
  • Clinics and medical spaces


Main tee NGMT37
1200mm cross tee NGCT12
600mm cross tee NGCT60
Wall angle NGWA36



Fire Reaction Class A1 according to EN13501-1. Complies with EN13964:2014
Exposed face 24mm
Maximum load 12kg/m2