Acoustics are paramount when installing ceilings in educational spaces, and National Ceiling Systems has a range of products designed specifically to improve efficiency and acoustic comfort. Scroll through to take a look at our current educational ceiling systems range.


Metal mesh tiles are ideal classroom ceilings and educational spaces, as they are durable and simple to clean. They allow for visibility to services above, and are east to disassemble, improving efficiency of repair and maintenance work after installation. Available in black and white, with additional colours (Dulux and Interpon solid colour powder coatings) available upon request.


More durable and easier to clean than mineral fibre tiles, metal pan tiles are a great solution for ceilings in educational spaces. They’re versatile, able to be powder coated in any colour, and are custom-made to order. Add perforations and acoustic fabric to improve acoustics.


A 19mm fleece-faced mineral fibre ceiling tile for classroom ceilings and other educational spaces, that provides great acoustic qualities. Ideal for spaces where high levels of concentration are necessary.

NRC 0.7
CAC 35


A 16mm perforated mineral fibre ceiling tile for classrooms and other educational spaces. Provides acoustic comfort whilst allowing concentration, and suits NCS GT Ultimate Grid.

NRC 0.6
CAC 34


A versatile option for any type of classroom or educational space; the Apex is 16mm thick with a fissured face pattern, and mid-range sound absorption and attentuation qualities.

NRC 0.6
CAC 34


A 16mm, black fissured face ceiling tile, ideal for classroom ceiling applications where a black exposed grid is used. While aesthetically improving a space, the Apex Black provides good sound absorption and attentuation.

NRC 0.6
CAC 34


A 16mm perforated mineral fibre ceiling tile for classroom ceilings and other educational spaces, that provides acoustic comfort and a brighter finish than the Ridge™ due to smaller perforations.

NRC 0.5
CAC 33


Bandraster is a super heavy duty suspended ceiling system for classrooms and educational spaces, used when ceiling panels are larger than standard. Available in three widths – 100, 125 and 150mm – and supplied punched along the length, to allow custom module sizes to be created. Supplied white as standard, other colours available upon request.


A durable, exposed steel ceiling grid ideal for use in classroom ceilings. Available in 15mm and 24mm face widths, this system suits most NCS ceiling panels, accommodating both square and tegular edge details. Black and white are available as standard, with other colours available upon request.

Loading (kg/m2) 12


Trident QR is the first of its kind available in Australia: a completely demountable grid, thanks to a revolutionary clip on both main and cross tees. Change the ceiling configuration, access services post-installation or replace a damaged section with unparalleled ease!


A robust, decorative metal baffle system for classroom ceilings and educational spaces, available in various sizes and configurations to suit any room. Made to order and powder coated in any colour, these systems are a stunning feature – and can be acoustically treated with a heavy fabric to improve acoustic performance in the classroom.


An open cell ceiling system available in a range of sizes, ideal for creating a feature ceiling in educational spaces. This open cell system lays into our standard quick-release GT Ultimate 15mm exposed ceiling grid, and cleverly creates a continuous look as the width of the open cell sections perfectly match the width of the grid.