RIDGE™ Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

NCS Ridge is a 16mm acoustic ceiling panel with a non-directional fine fissured (perforated) face. Part of our core range of mineral fibre ceiling tiles, the Ridge is an ideal solution for a variety of space types; a cost-effective way to improve acoustics and reduce echoing. This office ceiling tile is available in a wide range of panel sizes and edge profiles, designed to suit NCS GT Ultimate 24mm steel grid ceilings; and its non-directional face means less waste during installation as panels can be used in any orientation.

If you’re a contractor or installer, be sure to try out our Ceiling Tile Calculator! Maximise install efficiency by simply entering your total ceiling area, and the calculator will generate the quantity of ceiling tiles you’ll need.


  • Offices
  • Conference rooms
  • Classrooms and other educational facilities
  • Retail areas


NRC 0.60
CAC 35db
LR 0.84
VOC emissions Low




Ceiling shall comprise NCS Ridge™ acoustical ceiling panels with NCS GT Ultimate™ 24mm steel exposed grid including wall trim
as manufactured for NCS. Panels shall have NRC 0.60, CAC 35 minimum, nominal size 1200 x 600 x 16mm, square (SQ) edge detail.


Edge Detail
Grid System(s) A, B, C
Refer to datasheet for details.
Weight 3.6 – 3.9kg/m2
Typical Sizes [mm] 600 x 600 x 16
1200 x 600 x 16
Refer to datasheet for details.