what ceiling tiles should i choose for my office?


What acoustic ceiling tiles are best for the office?

A suspended grid ceiling with acoustic ceiling tiles helps to boost acoustic performance in the office, but which ones should you choose and why? There are many types available, so let’s take a look at all the options and what to consider when you’re specifying a suspended grid and tile ceiling in a workplace.


APEX™ Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

NCS APEX™ is a versatile, all-rounder tile. Featuring a non-directional fine fissure face pattern, this 16mm tile has RH99 humidity resistance and attains a Group 1 fire rating. A light reflectance value (LRV) of 0.84 allows for a clean, bright finish, and as an added bonus – the tiles contain up to 45% recycled content! This makes the APEX™ a sustainable choice for any fitout, not limited to offices, but also in educational spaces, as well as hospitality, classrooms and clinics.

NRC 0.60
CAC 35 min.
Recycled Content 28 – 45%

Download the APEX™ datasheet here!


RIDGE™ Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

A great option for the majority of commercial fitouts, including offices, classrooms, clinics and retail spaces, NCS RIDGE™ mineral fibre ceiling tiles feature a non-directional fissured face and balanced sound absorption performance. A high light reflectance value of 0.84 means these tiles make for a fresh, bright office space. They’re also comparatively lightweight, allowing for easy installation.

NRC 0.60
CAC 35 min.
Recycled Content 28 – 45%

Download the RIDGE™ datasheet here!


SPEQ™ Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

NCS SPEQ™ mineral fibre ceiling tiles provide similar performance to the RIDGE™, just with smaller perforations on the face – this allows a greater light reflectance value of 0.88, making for an even brighter, fresher office space. SPEQ™ is a great option for a more refined look while retaining sound absorption and noise transfer properties.

NRC 0.50
CAC 30 min.
Recycled Content 62%

Download the SPEQ™ datasheet here!


PINNACLE™ Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

The PINNACLE™ is the highest acoustic ceiling tile in the NCS range, boasting a very high NRC of 0.70. This value makes it a stellar option for any spaces which require a high level of sound absorption and minimal noise transfer, e.g. boardrooms, classrooms, halls and clinics. The PINNACLE™ is also a superb choice for environmentally conscious specifications, as every tile has a minimum of 80% recycled content.

NRC 0.70
CAC 35 min.
Recycled Content 80%

Download the PINNACLE™ datasheet here!


Not quite up with the jargon? Find out what NRC is here, and CAC here.